Friday, January 29, 2010

Spencer is 3!

And I have a feeling his threes are going to be worse than his twos. What is that all about? He has been waking up at 5:30 in the morning, crying that he's hungry, or thirsty, or whatever. MAKES ME CRAZY. Anyway, today is his birthday, but since I work tonight we celebrated it yesterday. Here are some pictures of his special day.

This year we did a Toy Story cake. If you want to see more cake pictures, they are on my cake blog, Custom Cake Creations.

Since it is our year off for birthday parties, we just went to Arctic Circle for dinner with a couple friends and family, and then came back to our house for cake, ice cream, and presents.

Oddly enough, this was his favorite gift:

Happy Birthday, baby boy. You have passed both the milestones I wanted to have behind us before your birthday. Potty training, which you did about 6 months ago or so, and getting rid of your i'i (binki). Good job. Now let's work on that attitude!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So much for resolutions.....

Well, that is pathetic. I said on December 1st that I was going to blog more, and I haven't done it since then. I HAVE layed off Facebook quite a bit though, which is good. About a week ago I made a blog book by going to, and it just came today! It is relatively thin since my first year blogging started in August, but so fun to see all the pictures and of course, to read how life was at that time.

So, we've been a little busy. Two weeks ago I started working at the Remote Encoding Center for the Postal Service, which is out by the airport. Training was two weeks of hell - on me, Sean, the kids, the dog, the house; pretty much everyone involved. But now I am on a regular schedule, so hopefully it will be good. I work four nights a week, Friday through Monday.

Also Sean's sister Amy and her husband Justin moved into our basement just after New Year's. Amy just started a new job and they are staying with us until they buy a house in a few months.

I don't have much interesting to say. Here are the family pics my SIL took of us over Christmas in California. Pay close attention to our matching outfits - they are the product of many tears, sweats, and heartfelt sighs.