Monday, March 8, 2010

February 2010

I'll just dispense with the excuses about how long it's been between posts. I'll just admit to myself that I've lost the blogging bug and that I'm only keeping it up now because it is my family scrapbook, which I eventually want to put into an actual book. I think I'll aim to post once a month, and then I won't feel so guilty. With that out of the way, here are a few little highlights from last month.

Here is the picture the girls made me for my Valentine's present:

And, of course, Spencer had to follow suit:

Here I am with my (count them) four children:

Emma dressed as Abish from the Book of Mormon for activity days. She was supposed to go dressed as her favorite Book of Mormon hero. When she asked if there were any women in the Book of Mormon, this is what we came up with:

Kenna took this one of Dodger and I napping the other day. Okay, so I was awake and told her to get the camera, and then pretended to be asleep for the picture.

And here is Spencer trying to dodge a yucky mommy kiss:

I will digress here for a moment and elaborate on Spencer's latest quirks. After a near perfect potty training experience almost a year ago, he has started having accidents. We kind of got into the habit of pulling his pants down for him, pulling them back up, washing his hand (i say hand, not hands - because of his cast) since he broke his arm. So it's almost like we started over when he got it off. 90% of the time when he yells "I GOTTA GO POTTY!" it is followed by a pee-pee dance and accompanied with an "I CAN'T!" when I tell him to pull his pants down and go. Then out of nowhere I will go into the kids bathroom when I hear them making their routine 6 a.m. racket and find him sitting on the toilet with his pants down, no problem. What is the deal?

He has also started asking to have friends over. He is getting to that age when his sisters are at school and he doesn't just want to kick it at home with me and the dog. We were planning on putting him in preschool in the fall, but the teacher Mackenna had for preschool, who was fabulous, isn't having a 3-year-old class. What to do? (Aside from Joy School).

Here is Spencer cleaning Aunt Amy's toe polish off. I think he might have a future in the business. ("You want nail design?")