Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today we took the kids sledding. They had so much fun! And I had fun watching them squeal with glee. Spencer was a little ice block by the time we were done; that is why he was crying in the last picture. It was fun. I finally finished his stocking today!! However, there is no time to get his name embroidered on it - that will have to wait until after the holidays. We are just getting ready for our big exodus to California right after Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot lot Christmas.....

Well, it has been a good day. Sean had the day off, so we have had a lot of family time together. Needless to say I am fed up with the kids! We have done a lot of little Christmas projects as a family today, so the girls are finally in front of a movie and my day is on the downhill. I couldn't stand one more chorus of "uh-uh"...."uh-huh" from the girls. Anyway, here is what we did today. We dipped pretzels for Sean's home teaching families.

Then after Emma got out of school we made a gingerbread Christmas tree.
Last year we did a gingerbread house and I wouldn't let the girls eat it until after Christmas. The tree is already half gone tonight (let's just say it didn't look as good as last year's).
Oh well, the kids had fun. We made a gingerbread person as part of Emma's homework: she wanted it to look like her. Except for the green eyes it is pretty close!
My back hurts because I have been up on my feet all day; delivering VT routes, going to Walmart, picking Emma up from school, etc. Thank goodness for leftovers, huh? Tomorrow we have an adult Christmas party at church (yikes, the ADULT part sounds bad, but it is totally innocent, I assure you). Then Saturday we have a family Christmas breakfast at church and are headed down to Dionne's after that for her daughter's birthday party. Busy weekend already, and it's only Thursday! I had a relapse of my Walmart spending sprees today. I haven't bought any extras for 2 weeks (and that is saying a lot for me). A couple weeks ago I set some goals for myself regarding finances. Today I went to Walmart to get a birthday gift for Dionne's little girl and some pullups for Kenna. I turned down the DVD isle to see if they had any Harry Potter movies on sale (my parents for Christmas, since they don't have any of them) and found 2 care bear movies for 5.50 each. Care Bear movies, you say? But wait, there's more. They were the Big Wish Movie and Journey to Joke-a-lot Movie. I have been looking for them for ages and haven't seen them anywhere, not even for like $15. We had both on our DVR when we lived in Cal, and lost them when we moved. So to find them for that price, I couldn't resist. I felt like an alcoholic who had slipped up and had a drink. How sad. I wish they had SA meetings somewhere. Heather, for some reason that whole thing made me think of you. Oh well, Kenna will be happy come Easter.