Friday, March 21, 2008

Back Again for Now

I feel like a loser. Oh well. Not only has it been like 2 weeks since I've put anything on my own blog, but I confess I have not looked at any of yours in at least that long either. I am sorry. Other things. Anyway, Easter is in 2 days and then we have Kenna's birthday, tied up with my first-ever attempt at creating a castle out of cakes I have butchered. So I'm sure there will be some good pictures at least on here. Here is Spencer's newest hobby: climbing on anything remotely dangerous.

Sean put up the trampoline yesterday and he left his ladder out in the house. I was upstairs sorting laundry this morning when I heard a deafening crash followed by a blood-curdling scream. Spencer had tried to climb the ladder and it came crashing down on top of him. It wasn't like a step ladder; it was one of those heavy-duty extra-tall ones you use to put up Christmas lights on your roof. As far as I can tell he just had a nasty bruise on his forehead (again). I am never going to be able to get the kids' portraits done, am I? Here is the picture of Kenna in the Princess Fiona dress she got early for her birthday,

and here are the three of us (when the camera came out, Spencer ran over and plopped down in front) headed to Disney on Ice. Yes, I was the only adult there who dressed up. But the girls loved it.

Afterward Dionne and I took our girls to Biagi's - this Italian place at the Gateway that has delicious food - and about the same price as Chili's or somewhere like that. Yes, I shed the dress as soon as the lights went up at the Energy Solutions Arena. Here is the VIP poster Emma made for school. I had to take a picture of it, since I pulled all the pictures off of it and ripped it into pieces (so it would fit inconspicuously in the trash). At least she'll be able to still see it this way.

And here is Spencer again - posing. Anytime I pull out a camera he stops whatever he is doing, runs over to me, and smiles - waiting for me to take the picture.

He is a cute little bug but he is soooo unhappy lately. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law suggesting that I try feeding him cottage cheese - otherwise he would be eating soup for every meal. His diet consists of the following (no joke): oatmeal, bananas, yogurt, peaches, pears, cup-a-soup, bean with bacon soup, Teddy Grahams, and Gold Fish. And now, cottage cheese! He will eat almost anything if he's on your lap, but let's face it: he is the third kid and doesn't get that luxury. I am looking forward to my girls' night out with Dionne in April. We will be meeting Saturday morning and shopping, getting pedicures, going to a movie, and to lunch or dinner. Then we have a room for the night at some nice place there, where we will be watching sappy movies and enjoying the fact that we can just sit there without hearing 'mommy' once. I can't wait! Sean will be here with the three kids, going to Emma's soccer game, hauling a cooler since it's our turn for snack that week, and then dragging the kids over to soccer registration for NEXT season, for both girls! Way to go, honey!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm sorry

Well my dear husband informed me that he is tired of looking at Chinese food every time he goes to my blog. Also thank you all for your comments. I just read them. I haven't gone to my blog at all because I had no intention of posting anything, and I would just feel guilty. I am not even going to attempt catching up - I'll just start with today, I guess. Kenna had school this morning. While she was gone Emma and I sat down and did her reading and then made her VIP poster for school. Spencer actually fell asleep in his rocking chair while watching Baby Einstein and Sean put him in bed. Kenna came home from school very happy but had a meltdown soon after, which turned into several successive meltdowns over clothes, food, anything. It is finally warm outside today! After getting Emma off to school Sean laid down for his pre-work nap and I took Kenna and Spencer for a walk in the wagon. Then we stayed in the front yard and played. For some reason pics aren't uploading very fast today. At any rate I have a ton, so maybe I will just send a slideshow over from photobucket to go with this! Pictured above is Spencer's newest pastime of climbing on everything!!! Also pictured is the battle scars that have resulted from that pastime.