Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Prodigal Blogger

I realize I haven't posted in, like, a year. But now that I'm not working and I'm over the Facebook addiction of old. The kids are back to school on Monday (can I get a hurrah!?) I figure I might have a little more time. Plus reading old posts really makes me want to start posting again. If for no other reason than I love getting the blog made into a book and looking back on the chaos of life. So, we'll just pretend the last year of blogging draught never happened, and start fresh.

I should mention that I have no intention of keeping up with any of YOUR blogs, so if you expect me to read yours because you're reading mine, well......I still love you as a person.

We just got back home from Lake Powell. I must say, it is much more enjoyable when your oldest is almost 10 and your youngest is 4 1/2. Almost RELAXING, even.

Daddy and Spencer driving the boat:

Me and the boy. No tubby tummy jokes, please.

Kenna lost one of her top front teeth biting into an ice cream sandwhich when we first got to the lake. We all spent the rest of the trip teasing her that we were going to make her eat another one so her other loose tooth would come out!

Spencer had a freak-out every time the boat hit waves from other boats.

Emma and Grandpa:

Kenna and Grandma:

Kissin' Cousins (well, if Emma had her way, they would be). It was interesting to see them flirt with each other all during the trip, and then get embarassed when they realized we were all watching.

Emma wake surfing with Uncle Matt:

Nine happy meals complete with different smurf figurines and one really crappy experience at Denny's later, and we're happy to be home!

Funny Things My Kids Said in 2007-2008

Rather than have this as a sidebar, I'm just going to post it.

Kenna as I was putting Spencer's nighttime diaper on: "He needs Cruisers - they're comfort flex."
Spencer when I tried to put some slightly soiled underwear back on him: "No, mom......dere skiddies in dem!"
4/28 (Kenna after preschool): "Mom.....I had a hard day today, because we had to draw our Z's."
Spencer every day "I wanna watch PU-PU PANDA."
Spencer every time I touch him: " hut me. I need band-aid."
The other day when I was heating up some bacon (Kenna): "Mom, I smell something....hamish."
1/30 (Kenna): Emma, I love your pretty's strawberry flavored."
1/26 (Emma when we found her white baptism dress at Costco): "Mom,.....I am SO excited to get bath-tized."
(Emma to Kenna the other day when she said 'poop' during dinner): "Kenna, that's UNAPROPRIATE."
1/17 (Emma when I drank out of her cup): "Hey, that's my cup.....well, it's okay - it's Saturday."
1/13 Emma on the way home from school ): "I'm tired of this busy day."
1/13 (Kenna on the stairs): "Mom, me and Emma are going to clean our room ABOUT being AKSED."
1/13 (Spencer about baby Kallen): "I wanna hode it!"
12/14 (Spencer in Sacrament Meeting): "I'ont wanu lissen!"
12/13 (Spencer in the car): "I'anu pay ina snow."
11/24 (Kenna after Spencer spit his food onto her plate): "That is DEFINITELY GROSS."
11/22 (Kenna): "Mom, I feel like I don't belong here.....I feel like I belong in California......"
11/13 (Kenna while I was watching the CMA's): "Is this COWBOY music, or what?......I don't like cowboy music."
11/7 (Emma while eating the blueberry crumb muffins I made this morning): "Mom, you make the bestest muffins in the land."
10/27 (Kenna): "Mom, can I have some gum?" (Spencer): "I'ant gum!"
10/29 (Kenna when daddy wouldn't take her into the store with him): "That just breaks my heart."
10/11 (Kenna at IHOP with Sarah & Emma on her birthday): "This ice cream is just scrumdelicious".
10/11 (Emma on her birthday with Sarah in the bookstore): But it's my birthday, I don't have to be good."
10/8 (After Kenna selflessly gave her stuffed Elmo to Spencer): "He can slobber all over it - it's his now."
9/29 (Emma arguing about taking a nap): "Mom, we'll just go downstairs and play to give you a piece of quiet."
(The other day after school) Emma: "Mom, I miss being in the family."
9/3 (Kenna while stamping her foot & refusing to go with me) "I like daddy BETTER!"
8/27 (Spencer out the window as Emma is leaving for school): "Emma.....I-uh-you!"
8/26 (Kenna to Spencer): "Don't slober on my pony!!"