Saturday, June 26, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress

Okay, the girls and I have a new summer obsession. Sitting in front of the tv for hours watching reruns of 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Now we are all caught up so we only watch the new ones, but for a few days there it was nonstop. The girls have pretty much designed their own dresses in their heads now. Jeannie came to pick Emma up for Activity Days on one of our TLC telethon days, and apparently she got an earful...."Can you BELIEVE this girl spent $25,000 on a dress she is only going to wear one time? I mean, that is just ridiculous! You only wear it for a few hours. My mom says my 'budget' is about $500......"

Inevitably, this is what it led to:

Yes, this was my wedding dress, and incidentally, I am proud to say I still fit into it. Let's ignore the fact that I swam in it on my wedding day, and when I put it on now I look like I have several kids' floatie tubes on underneath it. Oh well.

Crazy Cabbage Patch Kids

As an interesting bit of trivia, the cabbage patch Spencer has used to be Sean's when he was a kid, and the outfit 'Buddy' is wearing is what Spencer wore home from the hospital.

Kenna's Kindergarten Graduation

May 2010

Emma was so excited about the Daddy-Daughter ball for activity days in May. Here she is with her date!

Waiting for her date to pull out of the garage.

And since there was so much hollabaloo, Kenna had to have her hair done too.

Can you believe this million-dollar smile?

Emma's 2nd grade program was also in May. Here she is with Mrs. Braby.

And here is her contribution to her class project.

Will I miss the days when Kenna and Spencer were home together for hours at a time, mostly fighting? Probably some day. But not in the near future. Here was one of the rare moments they weren't tearing each other's eyes out.