Friday, April 23, 2010

War Paint and Wonder Capes

I have to document this moment in history. I'm sure at some point I will look back and miss this. But for now, yesterday was one of the most Spencer-trying days of his life to date.

Let's set the mood a little. Mommy is cleaning the kitchen for the first time in a week, preparing for friends to come to dinner. Spencer is conspicuously absent. Then come's Mackenna's voice...."Mom.....Spencer painted hisself with black stuff." This is what I found.

Pink sparkly lip gloss: slathered in hair, rubbed all over eyes, and obviously, on his lips. Eyeliner: well, you can see for yourself. He looks sad because this was taken directly after his rebuking.

It takes mommy ten minutes to get him all wiped down. Luckily he was still in his pajamas. Fast forward to after he is dressed in a clean white t-shirt and Mommy has sent him upstairs to get some socks.

Mackenna: "Mom.....Spencer got into some pink stuff." He has ONCE AGAIN painted his hair, face, and oh, as a bonus this time, his clean white shirt with pink Princess and the Frog chapstick. He undergoes another rubdown, a little more vehement than before.

After school. The girls are helping me clean (still) and we are trying to get a start on homework before our guests arrive.

Emma: "Mom....Spencer is into your white lotion..." but it is not lotion. It is my Mary Kay lip mask that Sarah gave me out of the goodness of her heart. And he has not only rubbed it all over his hands, but has decided to handle the tv remote as well. At this point mommy has no idea what to do about any of this. At some point he also got ahold of a dry-erase marker and drew all over my wall - "making a picture for our customers" - he defends, referring to our dinner guests. This just in, folks.....dry erase markers are only dry erase on a dry erase board. It takes 20 minutes for Sean to scrub it out of the wall.

Am I being punished for something......?

I'll close with a positive. Thanks to Stephanie Smith's suggestion, hair cuts have finally become a little less traumatic for all involved. He used to kick and scream and cry the moment his shorn-off hair would touch his skin, then start thrashing around when the hair went unavoidably into his open mouth. Thank you, wonder cape!

Friday, April 2, 2010

March 2010

The highlight for this month is that all of us girls got our ears pierced. Emma has been saying for weeks now that she was the only girl in 2nd grade without her ears pierced (which is probably true, since her class is divided into 1st and 2nd grade, and there are only four 2nd grade girls total). And Mackenna said she wanted hers done for her birthday. So we took Kenna while Emma was at school. She didn't wince, say 'ow', or look nervous at all.

When Emma got home we took her and her hands were cold and clammy while she waited in the chair with a terrified look on her face.

The same day Emma got hers pierced she also lost a tooth, which she pulled out on her own.

The only other exciting thing was my New Moon party. We played Twictionary (yes, I came up with that one) and New Moon the Movie Board Game. We talked through the entire movie.

Here is the Team Edward cake (for more pictures see my cake blog):

And here is Team Taylor. I mean Team Jacob:

Oh. One more thing....Kenna turned six! Here she is next to her family presents and cards:

She actually had about a week-long birthday. We went to dinner at Training Table on Tuesday to celebrate, since Sean was working on her actual birthday. On Wednesday, her birthday, she got to open all her gifts from our family. After school we had chicken nuggets and curly fries per the birthday girl's request, and the kids watched Princess and the Frog while I made Easter egg crispy treats. Kenna's actual party is on Easter Sunday when we will have Sean's family and also some of Amy's inlaws over for dinner. But I just finished the cake tonight. It is pistachio cake with lemon-cream filling, and definitely the most fun I've had doing a cake for a while: